Gad Baneth DVM, Ph.D

School Contact Information

Koret School of Veterinary Medicine,
The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agricultural, Food & Environment,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Address: Herzl 229, P.O. Box 12,
Rehovot 76100, Israel

Phone: +972-(0)8-9489021/31;
Fax: +972-(0)8-9467940


Director, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine

The Baneth laboratory focuses on vector-borne diseases with emphasis on the vector-host-parasite relationship, and the pathogenicity and immune response to vector-borne parasitic diseases.

Current research focuses on the immune response to canine leishmaniosis, novel diagnostic techniques for leishmaniosis, the hyrax as a reservoir for Leishmania tropica, parasitic coinfections, hepatozoonosis, trypanosomiasis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, relapsing fever borreliosis, dirofilariasis and the epidemiology of vector-borne parasitic diseases in Israel and the Middle East.

Special interests

Vector-borne and zoonotic diseases.


Basic Parasitology (for undergraduate students in Animal Sciences) 

Small Animal Infectious Diseases (veterinary medicine students)

Veterinary Parasitology - course coordination


Chairman of the Academic Development Committee. School of Veterinary Medicine, Hebrew University 2007

Chairman of Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine joint graduate studies department 2007

Director, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine 2015