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School Contact Information

Koret School of Veterinary Medicine,
The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agricultural, Food & Environment,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Address: Herzl 229, P.O. Box 12,
Rehovot 76100, Israel

Phone: +972-(0)8-9489021/31;
Fax: +972-(0)8-9467940
E-Mail: vet.school@mail.huji.ac.il


gad_banethWelcome to the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine at the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The school’s website contains information on veterinary medical education possibilities in Israel.

The Koret School of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1985 and is the only veterinary school in Israel. It is a center of excellence for veterinary education, veterinary medical treatment and research. The school is developing rapidly and since its establishment has had a great impact on all aspects of the veterinary profession in Israel.

The school's main aims are:

  • To provide excellent training to veterinary students, postgraduate students and veterinarians in Israel through continuing education and specialization programs.
  • To administer world standard medical treatment to sick animals and advanced preventive measures against animal and human diseases.
  • To perform cutting-edge research in veterinary and associated medical and food production disciplines relevant to Israel, the Middle East and the entire world.
  • To provide academic veterinary leadership.

Our dedicated staff members provide an excellent training and a very special personal relationship with our students, which are considered among the best students at the Hebrew University.

The veterinary medical profession is diverse and is currently undergoing significant changes through its great mission in public health, food production health, animal welfare, emergence and re-emergence of animal and human diseases, and its role in the human-animal bond. These subjects affect our quality of life significantly. Our school is committed to the highest standards of education and service to all our students, the veterinary community and the general public.

Enjoy this website and good luck in your future plans.



Prof. Gad Baneth
Director, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine